How to Play









Your General

Spirit Walls

Ranged vs. Melee


  • An activated unit can move anywhere within their outer white movement circle.
  • The inner circle (that shrinks as a unit moves) indicates the remaining movement circle that unit would have after performing any action.
  • Units can attack with weapons and spells.
  • Leftover movement can be used after attacking.
  • The orange outer area of your attack radius indicates a chance your attack might miss.
  • Orders are indicated by scrolls at the top of the screen. One order is used up each time you activate a new unit.
  • Each team has 5 orders per round.
  • You can cancel a unit’s move and reclaim an order ONLY before that unit does any action.
Infantry are blessed with superb Defense, but hampered by a severely limited movement range. Cavalry have only average Attack & Defense stats, but a large movement range makes them excellent scouts. Archers have a strong Attack and long attack range, but are weak defensively.
  • Flags indicate Hit Points, or HP.
  • Eating skulls heals HP and increases max HP.
  • While targeting, flags show how much damage both units would take from the attack / counter-attack exchange.
  • Haunting takes control of land. A flame the color of the haunting team appears on any haunted space after one round.
  • Haunt shrines to summon units.
  • Haunt Rice Paddies to gain Rice.
  • A unit cannot counter-attack while haunting.
  • Most units drop a skull when they die.
  • Units can use their action to eat enemy or neutral skulls and heal 3 HP and gain +2 max HP (max HP limit is 12 HP, or 18 HP for generals).
  • Any unit that eats 3 skulls will turn into a Demon, gaining an extra action each round.
  • Summon Monks by haunting their Shrines.
  • All 3 Monks gain spells with each skull eaten:
    Fox Monk: Healing magic
    Salamander Monk: Destructive magic
    Crow Monk: Wind & Troublemaking magic
  • If a foe haunts their Shrine, that monk dies.
  • Generals meditate and earn +1 to max HP every round until they are awakened.
  • Awakened Generals can perform 2 actions per round, and are hard to kill.
  • If your General dies, you lose.
  • Spirit Walls are barriers formed by two or more nearby allies. They block enemy movement, attacks, & keep participating units from being KnockedBack.
  • Ranged-attack units, like Archers, can attack from behind Spirit Walls to avoid counter-attack, even against other ranged-attack units.
  • Melee-attack units cannot counter-attack when hit by ranged-attack units from far away.
  • Ranged-attack units cannot counter-attack when hit by melee-attack units from up close.
  • Carefully matching attacker and target to avoid counter-attack is a key to victory!
  • Melee attacks and spells can KnockBack foes.
  • A flashing white line shows the direction any targeted unit will be KnockedBack.
  • Any unit KnockedBack over a ledge dies instantly.
  • Units in a Spirit Wall cannot be KnockedBack.